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Royalford Kitchen 12" Tongs | Non-Slip & Easy Grip

  • Product Code: RF2042-FT12

Have you experienced burnt fingers while cooking rotis, parathas or even bread? Royal Ford now brings to you a pair of food tongs that will not only allow you to cook safe but will also last long. These tongs are made of stainless steel that makes them durable and long lasting. The handle of this tong is 12 inches which ensures maximum safety for your hands while cooking.

The handle contains an insulation coat that protects your hands from the heat that might be conducted across. This tong is ergonomically designed to and is dishwasher safe. Perfect kitchen tongs for Cooking, Serving, Barbecue, Buffet, Salad, Ice, Oven etc. With their large clam-shaped clasping plates, it’s really easy to grip all sorts of ingredients, from big items like pork chops or chicken fillets, to fiddly foods like salads. Maintaining a secure grasp over these food tongs is really easy. Thanks to their non-slip, soft-grip panels you can pick up, turn over and serve foods with minimum effort. Comes with Pull-ring Technology, the  ring will keep your tongs from opening and closing accidentally which will allow you to facilitate better control while using them.

The Royal Ford food tong is made of stainless steel that offers maximum durability. And the Stainless steel housing makes the food tong long lasting. The handle of this food tong is 12 inches which is long enough to protect your hand from the stove flame while you cook rotis or papad. And contains an insulation layer that protects your hand from getting burnt.  The food tong is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean and store owing to the loop at the end of the handle.