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Royalford RF2367-DPW/B Dust Pan with Cleaning Brush | Dust Pan & Brush Set - Hand Broom with Durable Stiff Bristles - Broom Set Having Frayed and Angled Tips - Cleaning Tool Perfect for Home or Office Use

  • Product Code: RF2367-DPW/B

Frayed and Angled Tips

The intentionally frayed tips of this brush’s bristles are designed to capture hair and other minuscule particles at the broom’s sweeping surface. The angled bristles are flexible, reaching into corners, kitchen crevices, and slipping through tiny spaces between and beneath your furniture. The brush itself is very light, letting you sweep in a more controlled manner. Each row of bristles is arranged in staggered rows, allowing bristles to be sufficiently dense and thick for sweeping and trapping dust. This allows you to clean efficiently with fewer sweeps and ensures that only very few particles are left behind.

The brush’s comfy grip is a perfect fit for your any gripping position on the pole while you sweep, minimizing the strain on your wrists from the sweeping motion. It also doesn’t slip or slide easily, so you don’t have to worry about shifting or painful friction while you’re sweeping.

Sweep and Scoop

In order to complement your handy dust brush, this brush set comes with a great dustpan that has a wide enough mouth to match your broom’s head. The dustpan is rigid yet flexible enough to be moulded as necessary to the floor. Equipped with a green rubber lip at the front edge of the dustpan, this brush set helps you sweep the floor by creating a ramp. The dirt moves up into the dustpan, clearing the mess with fewer strokes. The dustpan also has a ridge on the inside to keep particles from sliding right back out. It is sturdy enough not to bend during heavy usage, and comes with a contoured handle for a comfortable grip. This brush set works great with wooden and tiled flooring, as well as on carpets and other tapestry.