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Royalford RF7032 Charlotte Bund-Form Baking Pan, 25.5x8 CM, 4 Pcs | Bundt Cake Baking Tin, Ring Cake Tin, Kitchen Baking Equipment, Cake Pan

  • Product Code: RF7032

Industrially Made

Designed to endure exposure to temperatures of up to 230 degrees celsius, this ring shaped cake tin is finely crafted with some of the most durable materials. The tin is mostly composed of tough carbon steel which is resistant to heat damage and weak frame. This gives the bundt pan a longer span of usage, and ultimately makes for a better product to have in your kitchen.

 Designed For Flawless Baking

This ring cake tin mold has a few nifty features included to enhance the baking experience and make for a simpler time using the tin. The baking tin is double coated in a non-stick material to help baked goods keep their shape while cooking, but also allowing them to be easily retrieved. This non-stick feature also allows for an easy cleaning process after usage. Along with the useful non-stick feature, the mold’s carbon steel frame creates a perfectly even distribution of heat to create the best tasting treats every time.

 Delicious and Familiar

This bundt pan is traditionally shaped to give users easy access to creating the delicious ring mold cakes they remember eating time and time again growing up. Everyone enjoys a delicious bundt cake and feels immense joy when seeing that tasty ring sitting on the counter. Now, creating those familiar and adored cakes is one of the easiest things to do with the traditional shape and design of this baking tin.