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Royalford RF5781 Die-Cast Aluminum Pan Cake Maker, 32 CM

  • Product Code: RF5781

Create Authentic Danish Treats

Danish pancakes are a marvel to the tastebuds, and now you can make them yourself at home with this easy to use pancake aluminum die-cast. This cast is uniquely shaped and molded to create delicious pancakes every time. Similar to waffle irons and simple pancake makers, this pancake pan works quickly and efficiently to give you delectable results with each use.

Quick Service

You can always rely on this expert pancake mold to deliver speedy but still tasty results. This pan is crafted with seven separate molds to allow for seven pancakes to made at once. This unique feature makes this pancake maker the ideal choice for those looking to truly satisfy guests with a delicious treat. The pan is also made to distribute added heat evenly and bake each pancake to standard, giving you delicious light and fluffy pancakes with every usage.

Plenty of Features

Not only is this aluminum die-cast is a true one of a kind, it comes with many built in features to make this the highest value pan there is to offer. Firstly, the pan is created to withstand large amounts of heat so it makes it entirely safe to place in the oven or on the grill for cooking. The integrous design allows for little to no long-term damage to be taken from long exposures to heat sources. This pan is also equipped with a unique quality to form a natural non-stick material during use. This avoids the use of toxic and eco-damaging materials.