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5 Pcs Nylon Kitchen Tools Set

  • Product Code: RF1796

Unsurpassed and Unmatched Quality

This unique five piece kitchen utensil set is perfect for any kitchen setting. This quality set includes an all nylon slotted spatula, solid spoon, pasta spoon, masher, and ladle for all your cooking needs. Durable and professionally made, this kitchen utensil set is unparalleled by any other set on the market.

 Crafted For Extensive Use

Each expertly crafted with a nylon core, these utensils promise to be resistant to wear in the kitchen and last for years to come. Having this utensil set in your home will making your cooking experiences immensely more enjoyable and efficient.

 Simple Design

Visually, these utensils have a distinct minimalistic style of a black and silver chromatic scheme. This refined choice of style allows for this set to easily match any kitchen area design and not disturb the aesthetic of a room. Aside from its visual pros, these utensils are also designed to be simplistic and easy to handle. Each tool is crafted with strong material for comfort and effortless usage and also includes a hanging hook. This hook gives the user the ability to simply hang the utensils up when not in use and easily find them once again when needed, because they are not lost and jumbled within a drawer of other utensils.